When Does Pitaya Fruit?

Pitaya, which spread all over the world from Central America and started to be produced on very large lands in the Far East, is Vietnam, the largest producer and exporter country in the world.Immediately after, Taiwan ranks second as the largest producer and exporter.Recently, large production facilities have been started to be established with greenhouse cultivation in the southern regions of China.Pitaya, which is produced with more than 100 different varieties, is increasing the production of varieties with red, purple and pink kernels, which attract more attention in terms of aroma, and the shares of varieties with red, purple and pink kernels in the market are gradually increasing.

This plant, which can only be grown under cover in the regions of the Marmara Region and some parts of the South East Anatolia region, where the Mediterranean climate and the transition conditions of other climates are experienced in our country, can be harvested in and between June and December in general.

The flowering period, which is also called the Queen of the Night, is generally in the periods of March-April-May-June, depending on the age of the Dragon Fruit (Pitaya) and the location where it is grown.If the location where the plant is grown is in a warm-airy spot and is 3-4 years old, the flowering will be in March-April-May and the fruit will be ready to be eaten as of June, but if the Dragon Fruit (Pitaya) is 1-2 years old, its flowering may extend until June-July. As of August, the fruit is ready to be eaten.

The settling of the plant to fruit first varies according to the type, then the climatic conditions and location in which it is grown.In the provinces and districts where the Mediterranean region is dominant, the timing of the flower opening and turning to fruit starts first in the Adana-Mersin region and may start a little later in the Antalya-Muğla region.It is necessary to interpret many factors such as climate, temperature conditions of the weather and height above sea level without ignoring them.