Pepino Dulce

Dragon Fruit Pitaya Pepino Dulce White

Flavor.........................................(&) (&) (&) (&)
Fruit Production.........................(&) (&) (&) (&)
Growth – Yield ........................... (&) (&) (&)

Rating table:

Flavor :A device called a refractometer is used when testing the sweetness of Dragon Fruit Pitaya.Brix means sweetness scale, it is the beginning of the starch conversion stage.This scale ranges from 0 to 32.The higher the number, the sweeter and tastier the fruit.In addition to sweetness, this rating also takes into account unique characteristics such as size and flavor.
Fruit Production:The grading is based on how many fruits are produced from a single plant.It is also considered how easy or difficult it is to grow.For example, the self-fertile variety, that is, the self-pollinating variety, scores higher than the non-self-pollinating variety.
Growth - Yield:This is an assessment of the plant's overall hardiness and yield.In addition, it examines how quickly the plant adapts after planting and how long it will take to produce the first fruit.

(&) = Weak
(&) (&) = below average
(&) (&) (&) = Average
(&) (&) (&) (&) = above average
(&) (&) (&) (&) (&) = Excellent

Product description

Dragon Fruit Pitaya Pepino Dulce White Variety;

It is a cultivar of the genus Hylocereus Undatus.It has large and fragrant flowers that appear early in late spring.This self-pollinating variety produces medium to large fruit.In addition to its large fruits, it has a more delicious and higher aroma than other white varieties.This variety has a kiwi-like interior texture and a white flesh.There is a striking color difference between the interior and exterior, and the gorgeous pink shell color.It has three cheeks and small thorns on the trunk and fruit branches.Pepino Dulce White Dragon Fruit Pitaya is a variety that can be grown in accordance with the Mediterranean climate conditions.In terms of its size and yield, it is a favorite among the white varieties we grow in our greenhouses in Antalya.