Philippine Purple

Dragon Fruit Pitaya Phlippines Red Variety;

Philippines Red is a species from the Philippines.The purple inner flesh is eye-catching with a pink outer skin color that is closer to the color of fuchsia.The trunk and fruit branches have three cheeks and small spines.After planting, it adapts quickly and develops its roots quickly.If it is planned for planting at the end of February and beginning of March, it will develop aggressively by passing the adaptation process quickly.After reaching its age, flowering begins in late May and early June and continues until November.After the night temperature drops below 15 degrees in October and November, flowering ends and it closes the season by growing existing fruits.Dragon Fruit Pitaya Philippines It is an eye-catching variety with its red (Purple) color and its pollen is productive.This variety, which is very tasty, fascinates with its outer shell color, starts to bear fruit in the early period, pollinates itself and the fruit yield is quite good.